Exhuming Life's Wonder

Eddy was left in a dumpster to die when he was a baby.

This family adopted him, and now he gives them more opportunities  to experience wonder than they ever thought possible.  




Agency: Cornett IMS Credit: DP, Editor, Colorist

1792 needed a brand new look, this video helped make it clear. 



#seebluestories, University of Kentucky's 2014 recruitment video.

Agency: Cornett IMS

Personal Credits: 2nd DP, Cam Op, Editor, Colourist, Animator


Short Documentary


This raw film explores the complicated emotions, Doris, the retiring post master at a small private school feels as she works her last week of just over 35 years.

Winner of Best Documentary at Highbridge Film Festival.

Thanks to all who supported this project; together we raised $1,600 to aid her in post retirement challenges. 




Promotion created for Story Magazine's inaugural Sessions jam time. 



This is A&W's brief history of the Original Bacon Cheese Burger.

Agency: Cornett

Credits: Editor, Animator, Colorist.


Short Experimental Narrative


An emotional pilgrimidge though three different stages of grief as explained by Joshua Abram Heschel.

To Live_Feature.png

Short Parable


A parable about how seeming innocent needs can sometimes distract from meeting the needs of others around us. 

The Provider_feature.png