"There is no greater power on this earth than story.” ― Libba Bray

About Me

The short of it is that I am an designer thinker and storyteller at heart.

Give me a message to convey and I will use all the skills and talents I have to make sure its conveyed in the most creative and clear way possible. Having lived in 3 different countries I have lots of experience and inspiration to draw from. I’m excited about joining a creative team that will make good use of these skills.

Family Pic.jpg

My Family

Yes! They are awesome. On the right: Nikki, my love and legend of life.
Blairynn is the gorgeous girl in the flower dress, and Noble is the
baby man on my lap. We love each other.

They ground me and make me a better person.


Without them I’d probably still look like this:

Embarrassing high school pic. The shoes are awesome though. Right?