Unaligned Tales; the genesis / by Brownrygg Woolls

I have decided to start a blog again - after its abysmal failure last time. 

I realized that I've been calling myself a story teller, but was not really telling many stories as often as I like. 

So I decided to start recording myself telling stories of the past. They are called Unaligned Tales because I tell the whole story with out editing to make it pretty (except for some music in the beginning and end). I'd like that for several reasons:

- The stakes are higher to get it right first time (I don't want to bore you to death)

-When I do 'screw up' you can see how I fix it and you'll probably get to know me better

-I'd like to think of it as an archive of life stories for my family of the future

-It's A LOT less work for me

And honestly mom and dad, you're likely the only people that will regular tune in :) And if I'm wrong about that it's a bonus. 

Love you all. Here is to the attempt of being a real story teller.